Every order at Pitmasters Union is hand picked and shipped. The cut off date for new orders is on the 11th of every month at midnight.  The shipment of your subscription will follow within 14 days (on or about the 25th of the month). 

Order before the timer runs out!  All boxes ship on the 25th of each month.

First Time Purchasers

If you are a first time purchaser, your order will not be shipped immediately. For example, if you purchase between the dates of November 12th and December 11th, your scheduled shipment will be sent within two-weeks of the cut off, December 11th's "Next Shipment" clock. From there-on we will keep you on track! 

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  1. The Coal Burner: The Coal Burner Box is a month to month mystery plan of sauces, spice rubs and wood chunks for grilling. If you would like to buy this for only one time and or a friend, then gift'em.
  2. The Smoker: The Smoker Box is a 3 month reoccurring plan that guarantees a quarterly change of wood chunks for smoking, and also sauces and rubs for meat. You can always make a single purchase as a gift here.
  3. The Wood Fired: The Wood Fired Box is a plan that locks you in place for 6 months of different themes for more styles of cooking meat and smoking wood to grilling. Gifting this product is also available for a one time purchase.
  4. The Pitmaster: The Pitmaster box is for dedicated grillers and smokers - this is a yearly subscription. It cannot be gifted and puts you on the top of the list to ensure the quickest delivery and constantly changing themes.


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