Gift BBQ Box by Date

Gift a BBQ Box to a friend on a future date! From birthdays to fathers day and other special occasions, sometimes it's easier to be prepared sooner than later - or it's just too dang cold outside in the winter! We will take care of the rest in sending your gift. All orders are shipped on the 25th of the month selected. What you get: Pitmasters Union will send you a gift certificate of authenticity after purchase (please use your shipping address at checkout).

Please Note: if you choose a 3 month box for July, your order will ship July 25th (pork themed), August 25th (beef themed), and September 25th (poultry themed). 

If you choose to enter the email address of your gift receiver, we will create their own separate account. They will be able to login with their email address if they choose to reset their password. They will also receive all tracking information for shipment updates. We will create their account at the beginning of the month chosen - they will receive an email about their order and shipment upon the creation of their account.