BBQ Box, September - Poultry: Chicken Thighs

October 30, 2017

BBQ Box, September - Poultry: Chicken Thighs

Each month we feature a different theme, with a new combination of rubs, sauces, and wood chunks for smoking. This is our September Poultry BBQ Box. It contains Plowboys BBQ Yardbird Rub, made in Missouri. We also have the legendary white sauce “Big Bob Gibson” from Alabama. Last but not least is a combination of hickory and oak wood chunk for smoking.

Video Overview of Chicken Thigh Themed BBQ Box:

Smoking Chicken Thighs

We recommend smoking this with chicken thighs. Start by removing the skin and fat then apply the rub. If you prefer a crispy skin on your chicken, then loosen it on one side, and place the rub between the skin and meat. Once cooked, dip the chicken in Big Bob Gibson for the yummy flavor – we recommend covering it completely. As an option, heat it back up for 2-3 additional minutes on the grill.

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