BBQ Box, October - Fish: Salmon

November 22, 2017

BBQ Box, October - Fish: Salmon

This is our October Fish BBQ Box, specifically intended for salmon. We've got “Dizzy Dust's Raging River” rub, which starts off with a sweet taste and leaves you with a spicy after taste. Next is “Yeri Yeri Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce”. Also included is a bunch of Alder wood smoking chunks.

Video Overview of Salmon Themed BBQ Box:

Recommended for Smoking Salmon

We recommend smoking the salmon whole, as it retains moisture better. Place it on a soaked grilling plank with the Dizzy Dust rub on it. The Teriyaki Sauce is perfect for salmon, but it's also a great choice for chicken or beef strips cooked in a Japanese style stir fry. The alder wood will add a very mild flavor.

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